An Expansion of the Horizon

December 9, 2008

Sometimes things happen in a flash. One minute you’re thinking one way, and then all of a sudden everything seems to turn upside down, or semms to turn inside out, or seems to expand to new and larger limits, an expansion of the horizon. No, I’m not talking about some new kind of drug on the market!

I’m going to tell you about the first time when I suddenly realised that I’m a European. Well of course I’ve always been that, because of being born in that continent, but I’m talking about something more than that. I was born in London and that’s where I now live. So that makes me English, or British, depending on how you define it.

But one day not long ago, I was in a car that was belting along on a motorway in Spain, doing about 120 km/h, and I remember that the track playing on the car stereo (loud) was Bodyrock by Moby. (I don’t know if the music is relevant to this but I include it because it was part of the experience.) All of a sudden I just felt that I wasn’t in a foreign country, that Spain was MY country, or at least, it was a PART of my country. I knew that whenever I want, I can travel to Spain and nobody can stop me, there are no checkpoints. I can buy a house there, I can get a job and I don’t need a work permit, I can get free health care, I can claim state benefits, I can even vote in the elections for the Spanish government. How cool is that?

And it’s not just Spain, I can do the same thing anywhere from Ireland to Estonia. In other words, anywhere in my country, the European Union. Many people now are coming to this realisation. Nationalism is on the way out for those people. They might live in Seville, or Edinburgh, or Vienna, but they are citizens of Europe.

Here’s the link to the track that was playing, if you want to hear it. Maybe it’ll do the same for you as it did for me! Bodyrock by Moby