Bach’s Mass in B Minor

December 13, 2008

After posting about Beethoven (as I did in the previous post) and giving the chance to listen to the entire performance of one of the greatest interpretations of his monumental 9th Symphony, I felt like continuing the classical music theme, so to speak.

No blog that claims to be about Europe could possibly be complete without at least one piece, and ideally more, by that awesome genius of counterpoint, J. S. Bach. You are in good hands here, because what you are about to hear (should you choose to click the play button) is an extract from one of the most incredible works of music in all history, the Mass in B Minor. Not only that, but this performance, by John Eliot Gardiner, is acclaimed by critics the world over.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a religious person to appreciate this music, you just need to be someone who can recognize beauty in sound.